We only serve food that comes from the soils and seas of our home county, and we nurture the land and community that nurtures us in return. We believe in continuing the traditions written in the hills that gently rise and fall around us. The traditions of a home we are privileged to call our own.

Ní bheidh a Leitheid ann arís. (There shall not be his like again)

We only use sustainable fish and source most of our ingredients from within a 50 mile radius. Gluten-free and all other dietary needs are catered for upon prior request.

Tradition and community are at the heart of everything we do at The Mystic Celt.

Our menu is a carefully selected medley of traditional Irish meals and a host of international classics. The majority of our ingredients are sourced locally in order to give our customers an authentic taste of Wicklow while also stimulating local industry and remaining as environmentally-friendly as possible.

Bain Taitneamh As Do Bhéile
Enjoy Your Meal